Bow Hunting Canada

What is this website about?

Bowhunting Canada is a website that has the mission of providing quality content to its user. We treat a wide range of topic from gear reviews, archery set-up all to way to hunting journaling. Our articles can be useful to anyone on the planet looking at information, but our focus is to treat them from the perspective of a Canadian bowhunter. Our climate being rigorous and the hunting condition often difficult, we need specialized gear and technique that adapt to those conditions. Canada is also a vast country that provides a lot of hunting opportunity, this is something that we love and want to make the promotion of. Of course, we also want to learn as much as we go along the way with our audiences. We are not a website that will only show the success of hunting. We think that failing is the greatest way to learn, and so think that we should also share this side of the story.

What kind of content can you expect?

We want to diversify the type of content as much as possible. This means that we will write about our hunts, our technique and will also review the gear that we use. We also want to get the broadest perspective possible. This is why we will bring interviews with as many Canadian hunting experts as possible and get their opinion on a broad variety of subjects.

How to use this website?

On the main website site page, you will find the six most recent articles. If you want to access more articles, you can click on the “next” arrow and navigate to the next six articles, or you can click on the magnifier logo on the top right to search for a specific article. Articles are also categorized by tags depending on their specific subject. You can see this categorizing by clicking on the tags logo on the top right of any pages on this website.

We also have a rapid link to this about pages as well as a series of article for debuting archery called “archery 101” on the main page. You can also look at a regrouping of gear review on this same menu.

Am I paid to talk about products?

Every gear tested on this website is gear bought with my own money and tested by myself while actively hunting. For now, being a small website, I am not supplied with test units, nor I am on any promotional staff(pro staff) for any company. Therefore, you can be sure that all the opinion expressed on this website is our unbiased opinion.

Ads on the website

So far, I display no ads on this website. This includes paid sponsorship or plain ads. This might be something that could change in the future as my operating cost expand. I have not taken a hard stance on it so far. But for now, enjoy this website without any ad getting in the way of your experience.